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"YBRK" Album with Bonus Disc of Demo's

Image of "YBRK" Album with Bonus Disc of Demo's


Digital Version can found here...

Everything you've always wanted in a Best Kissers in the World album. 14 well crafted pop/rock songs, complete with tongue in check lyrics. Get ready to please your eardrums.

Hit Parader
I Suppose
Dance of the Spanish Fire Weasel
Roadside Attraction
Worried About It
Royal Pain In The Ass
Lonely Enough To Lie
I Fu*ked Up Again
Dead Have Everything
Ginger Ale
Countin' Out Dexedrine
One Of These Daze

Willie Nelson
Come On Come On
Home Sweet Home
Rock On
Countin' Out Dexedrine
Don't Hold Tonight Against Me Tomorrow
Hittin' The Wall
Dear God ( Just Kill Me Now )
The Dead Have Everything
Torn In Half
Waded Out To Sea
Lonely Enough To Lie
Faster Than The Speed Of Guilt ( My Head Hits The Ground )
Honey Are You Breathin'
Ginger Ale
They Give Each Other Diseases
Get In The Car
I Can't Wait For Saturday